Accelerated Healing

Healing from a wound or trauma is influenced by many factors, both directly at the wound site and throughout your whole body. It is largely dependent on the heath status of the individual. To accelerate healing one should have as much circulation into the area as possible. Circulation brings nutrients, white blood cells and oxygen to the wound, in addition to carrying away dead cells and cellular debris. There are many nutrients that provide the biological pathways with what it needs to heal as effectively as possible.

Here are some actions that you might take to speed up healing and return to full form and function.

Do not smoke ~ Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, it causes blood vessels to constrict and therefore limits blood supply to the area.

Drink plenty of water ~ More than usual. Water is the transport mechanism for all of the important factors of healing.

Take a good quality multi vitamin

Take additional Zinc supplements ~ Up to 100 mg per day. Zinc supplementation has been shown in many studies to significantly speed up wound healing.

Probiotics ~ Start taking a probiotic on the last day of antibiotic therapy to replenish the good bacteria in your body. This will strengthen your immune system and prevent yeast from flourishing.

Vitamin C ~ Provides strength to newly built collagen and allows the new tissue the ability to stretch without tearing. Vitamin C also is required for proper immune system function.

Salt water rinse ~ Warm and Gentle

Diet ~ If your procedure requires soft foods, try to make healthy, nutrient rich choices like: smoothies, soups, fresh vegetable juices, pureed sweet potatoes or cauliflower.

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