Why Are My Teeth Getting Shorter?

One would think that after a long life our natural teeth would wear out from years of simply chewing food. Yet we consistently see patients in their ninth decade that still have a rather complete set of teeth with minimal tooth wear. This shows...
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Introducing our close acquaintance,

Dr. Susan Maples

and her new book, Blabbermouth!

"What would you learn if your mouth could blab about itself? You'd learn how to live a happier,healthier, sexier life.  New evidence is popping up every day that your...
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Accelerated Healing Healing from a wound or trauma is influenced by many factors, both directly at the wound site and throughout your whole body. It is largely dependent on the heath status of the individual. To accelerate healing one...
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Team Building Weekend

Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Annual Meeting

What a great weekend had by all! Kicked off with the "White Party" where we showed off our dancing skills. This weekend was filled with learning from world famous speakers and Dentists. We take this time...
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Xylitol “A DENTIST'S DREAM" * Did you know you can eat sweets and fight cavities at the same time? *Tooth decay and gum disease are serious problems and diet plays a major role in oral health. *The mouth is home to over 400 types of bacteria....
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