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With today’s materials, design, and technology, dentures can look, feel and function very similar to regular teeth. Our patients, whose only alternative may be dentures, have been amazed with the results!

Through collaboration with one of the finest dental laboratories in the country, we are able to offer life-like, esthetic dentures that are the utmost in comfort and esthetics. They are undetectable from natural teeth and extremely photogenic.

Typical dentures are conspicuously artificial in appearance. One of the most common complaints from denture wearers include the “false teeth” look, causing them to be self conscious about their dentures and causing them to smile less. This complaint is usually accompanied by shortcomings in the ability to chew and the overall discomfort they experience.  Looking closely at someone with a beautiful smile and straight teeth, one will notice that each tooth is not precisely aligned with its neighbor tooth. Instead, the placement of the teeth varies slightly to create a unique, beautiful and natural smile line.

In our esthetic dentures, the teeth are individually hand set to insure this occurs.
In dentures, excellence often goes unnoticed. The better the dentures, the more natural and lifelike they appear. Our esthetic dentures appear more natural because they are custom designed and handcrafted to compliment your personality, age, gender, and physical appearance.

Gain Additional Stability with Implants

Denture Support Moving into a denture doesn’t have to be the last stop when missing all of your teeth. Additional retention can be achieved by adding two or more implants. These implants can serve as a “snap” to help hold the denture in place.

Palateless Denture: Options to remove the palate of a top denture is also an option when implants are placed, giving patients an amazing amount of comfort and freedom.