Smile Designs

Each smile style is a combination of the teeth shapes for the front six teeth

For example, the four front teeth (incisors) could be either square at the corners, square at one corner and rounded at the other, or rounded at both corners. Similarly, the cuspids or eye teeth (third tooth back) could be pointed, rounded or flat. Combining these different shapes each produces a uniquely different smile style. Please note, this smile library below is only to choose the basic shape of the front six teeth, and in no way reflect the color, length, surface texture or translucency that the porcelain veneers or crowns will have. Those other things are addressed in other aspects of smile design and choosing the best that is unique to you and your desires.The illustration below is from Dr Bill Dickerson and demonstrates various combinations of the elements.

For most females, the “Enhanced” smile style is one of our most popular designs. Note that the second teeth from the center are a little shorter than the front teeth. This is a youthful effect that really looks nice on females as does the softer edges of the teeth. The “Hollywood” style above is a little more “toothy” and works well for males and especially those wanting to show off a little more teeth. The “Oval” style might look best on someone with a very round face. Notice how very round the edges of the four front teeth are? The “Aggressive” style has tooth edges that are flat almost straight across. We use it mostly for men and it simulates someone who might be a bit older and have a habit of grinding his teeth.The “Youthful” style simulates the shape of unworn teeth
that might be seen in a 14 year old. Although many adults like this name because they think it might give them the illusion of being significantly younger, we almost always utilize this design in much younger individuals. The “Mature” style has squarish edges on the four front teeth and is another design that we frequently use for men. The “Softened” style is a very popular design that we use for those wanting their smile to help make them appear a little younger than their years.

Every smile is unique

We have our own bias about what appeals to us in a smile but are emphatic that the patient is the one whose taste counts. It is important that both the patient and cosmetic dentist actively discuss the different smile styles at the beginning of the smile makeover process. In order to facilitate the selection process we can do smile mock ups on a patients teeth or we can enhance photographs of your smile to show what the result might look like. We also utilize the temporary restorations as a blueprint for the final crowns prior to making any final decision regarding the smile design for their final porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. This way a person can get a better feel for how they look and even solicit feedback from friends or spouses.