XYLITOL is a naturally occurring sweetener that does not support the growth of the decay-causing bacteria that reside in the oral cavity.

In fact, it has been shown to reduce and even reverse, dental decay with increased use. Because it is 40% lower in calories than sugar, you can have your cake and eat it too! It does not effect blood sugar levels so it’s safe for diabetics. When it is used in nasal sprays, it is even effective at preventing nasal and middle ear infections. We strongly recommend that you refer to the following websites for additional information and to buy 100% xylitol products:




Look for these xylitol-containing products at your local grocer or pharmacy: Trident Chewing gum, Ice Cubes chewing gum, Sugar Free Tic-Tac Chill Mints, Mentos Sugar-Free Chewing gum.